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What is Mold?

Black Mold

What are the Effects?

What are the Symptoms?


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American Indoor Air Quality Council

California Dept. of Health Services

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What causes mold?

  • Moisture, heat and humidity are the main contributors to growth
  • Water leaks due to improper construction
  • Water Incursion from a flood
  • Leaking roofs, water pipes, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Why you need to eliminate?

  • Health effects that result in respiratory problems
  • Untreated areas can affect your property values and ability to sell your home
  • Possible liability from tenants being exposed to untreated areas and air quality

Identification methods

  • Visual mold inspection for active growth or water leaks
  • Air samples to determine types of growth and levels of concentration
  • Bulk or swab sampling of building materials


  • Removal of contaminated materials using state-of-the-art work practices
  • Water proofing of structure
  • Duct cleaning
  • Treatment with cleaning agents
  • Preventing future growth through proper engineering controls


   We want to increase the quality of your home and work environment!

MCS is a full service environmental firm, performs mold inspection and remediation. Our professionals are certified and adhere to the highest environmental standards . Please EMAIL or Call us today with any questions regarding our method of Inspection and a free quote:

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