MCS Environmental
Provided Services

MCS Environmental Offers a Complete Mold Inspection

MCS Mold Remediation

If a problem is encountered, MCS Environmental is a fully capable and certified full service remediation/duct cleaning company. We can handle all of your contamination issues. Due to MCS Environmental experienced staff, we have the ability to offer on-site testing and results to perform the remediation efforts in the most efficient manner.

Duct Cleaning

MCS Environmental also provides state of the art duct cleaning services, with the use of a HEPA filtered Negative Pressure Enclosure system. This duct cleaning is an integral part of source contamination clean up activities.

Duct cleaning will also enhance efficiency of your heating/cooling system.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments

MCS Environmental also provides general IAQ assessments these include testing for Oxygen levels, Carbon Monoxide, VOCís, Carbon Dioxide, Radon, Formaldehyde as well as many other indoor air contaminates.

Construction Consulting

MCS Environmental provides consulting for new construction and remodeling projects, to minimize the risk of mold contamination in the future.

Radon Mitigation

MCS Environmental provides radon testing, and installation of radon mitigation systems.


Lead Paint Removal

Our professionals have completed the US Department of Housing and Urban Development / Environmental Protection Agency's necessary training to perform Lead Abatement. We have also received full third-party certifications from Massachusetts specifically to perform lead abatement projects.